Artist Endorsments

we got some cool pictures of many on my friends, some are endorsements and some are not... but they all wanted a picture! And a couple of my close guitar pickin friends are shown as well... Lots of NAMM pictures too! if you have pictures of Forrest or one of his guitars, please send them to us!

There are so many artists playing our guitars, it's hard to keep up!

So please send us a current picture and short bio and we will add you to the website!

We've worked on, added benders or built guitars for:

Tim Teague (Jarrod Niemann)

Travis Bettis (Lee Brice)

John Bohlinger (Nashville Star, CMA Music Awards, Randy Owen, CMT Music Awards, Lee Brice)

Kevin Key

Stephen Gwinn

Ed Tree (Treehouse Studio, San Gabriel, CA)

Chad Caprio

Chet Johnson

Howard Yearwood

Jack Casey

Phil Madera

Mel Ferdinands

Bjorn Faaseth

Cody Wolfe

Randy Rutherford

Jess McEntire

Jake DeLeon

Josh Byrd

Jimmy Weber

Paul Buckner

Paul Butler

Frank Speer

Mark Sciascia

Zach Robertson

Joe Ferdinands

Kevin Lamb

Roger Parshall

J.R. Gladman

Austin Anderson

JD Jarrel

Chad Lambert

Brian Hughes

Nicky James

Forrest Lee Jr

Joe McShane

Mervyn Futter

Lee Anderson

Lars Martin

William Hill

Johnny Hiland

Trent Willmon

Krista Marie

Ray Neyens

Daryn Edgemon

Lee Anderson

Dustin Bannister

Tim Hobbs

Randy Wheeler

Calvin White

Dave Brainerd

Jay Taylor

Jesse Brand

Jim Thacker

Jimmy Yeary (Shenendoah, The Issacs)

Paul Shilly

Schylar Shoates

Kris Geren

Kenny Freeman




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