Welcome to Forrest Custom Guitars. 

We specialize in highly custom guitar building,  B and G bender installations, and custom finished guitar parts. We also refinish and build Bass guitars. Our customers range from Country music stars and Rock stars and their musicians, to business owners who want that custom guitar with their company log on it. We have built guitars for advertising promotions, and non profit organizations. We will build you almost any style guitar in any finish you can imagine. Paisleys are our specialty but we also do any color sparkle, and we have a process to apply ANY graphics directly to the prepared guitar body. Our graphic designing is mostly done in house. But we also have access to incredible computer graphic designers who can design almost anything imaginable.


Forrest Lee Jr is an artist and musician first, and a guitar builder second, it's been a passion of his since he built his first guitar when he was 12 years old. He started making benders when he was 18, and has made B benders for some of the biggest names in the guitar world. This company grew out of several requests to make copies of one of his beloved guitars. He has since designed Paisley designs in colors never imagined. They really have to be seen and played in person to truly appreciate the craftmanship invested in each and every guitar. And before ANY guitar leave the shop floor, Forrest personally plays and sets them up for tone and play-ability.

Our guitars are built to order. We may have one or two in stock, but 95% of our customers are ordering custom guitars with their choice of wood, finish color, pickup configuration, benders etc...

So if you are looking for a guitar now, and want it quickly, we may be able to get it done soon. Or we can send you to one of our friends. Music stores in select cities that stock high end custom guitars. We can always customize it later as well. Add our FCG Boost Coil pickups, or another bender... "hey you can never have too many benders!" (that's what the pedal steel player said...)


We do custom paint work, with your graphics applied, or one of our custom designs, or paisleys. Price depends on the finish requested. Add a single B bender or G bender for $685 or a Double B and G Bender install for $1350. We will install a bender, or double bender in you're guitar as well. Prices are subject to change. Call for current pricing. Materials cost is steadily going up. We try and keep our pricing low, and our turnaround time for bender installation, is the fastest in the industry. Usually we can install a single bender in your guitar less than 3 weeks.

For really crazy custom stuff, we will have to discuss the time and cost involved. The Double Neck B bender guitar below was one of two made. Each string has its own pole, so the 12 string neck has 12 magnetic poles per pickup... thats truly custom! We have Jeff Callahan, hand wind all of our pickups.

Our Bodies and Necks are Made in USA!  We use Turnstyle Switch assembles if requested (from Austin TX), and we are making our bridge parts and saddles here in the Nashville area as well.

e-mail Sales@ForrestCustomGuitars.com

We now offer financing through PayPal !




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